Redwood PTSA FAQ’s

Start the year off right with these pointers:

  1. On the first day of school, just bring a notebook and pencil to jot down any key info. Teachers will let you know what school supplies you need for the school year.
  2. PE uniforms are given to the freshman/new students and are expected to last through sophomore year. You can purchase a new shirt or shorts with any PE teacher during the year. They also provide a lock for their locker.
  3. Buy the Right Start package- it has essentials for a successful school year like a planner, “R” sticker, yearbook, tickets for sporting events, and other Redwood Swag.
  4. Join PTSA! Your annual dues support our teachers, students, and fund incredible parent education events. Plus you get access to the Online Family Directory!
  5. Picture Day is the Friday before school starts and this is when you get your student ID. This is a student-only day, just drop them off and come back.
  6. Get acquainted with the Home Access Center (under Parents Tab) which has your student’s schedules, grades, transcripts etc. You can also click on “Registration” and “Update Registration” to ensure that you have input correct information (accurate contact information for Family Directory, opted into being listed in Family Directory, opted into emails, and much more.
  7. Read the Twig (daily online bulletin) to get an idea of what is going on. The Bark also has great articles about what issues the students are talking about at school.

Classes, Sports, Dances:

  1. If your child wants to do a fall sport, make sure they get their transcripts loaded and a medical form signed by their doctor and uploaded on the Athletics site by Aug. 1. They will also need a lock for their sports locker.
  2. There are usually no dates for the Back to School Dance. Prom is only for juniors and seniors (and their guests).

Ins and outs about Lunch, Wellness Center, Absences, Lockers:

  1. Lunch lasts for 35 minutes most days. Most kids either buy lunch at the cafeteria, bring their own lunch, or walk to nearby food establishments.
  2. If you buy lunch at Redwood, you can add money to their student ID using the My Bucks App or
  3. The Wellness Center is a great resource for the students. Encourage them to check it out and talk to a counselor for free. Check out the webpage under Resources tab- Redwood Wellness Center.
  4. If you child is absent or has an appointment, call the Attendance Clerk (415) 945-3624 before school starts that day to let her know.  If you child needs to leave school during the school day, your child should stop by the office before classes start to pick up their slip that gives them permission to leave. They take the slip to the appointment to be signed and then return it to the Attendance Clerk when they come back to school (if they come back) so she can give them a late slip for whatever class they are returning to. You do not need to go into the office at all!
  5. Not every student uses their locker, but many find them very useful. They use them to store materials over night or have a frisbee or soccer ball for lunch time. They don’t typically go to their lockers between classes. They need a lock if they are planning on using the locker.  Students should not put valuables in their PE locker, only their hallway locker.

Getting To and From Redwood:

  1. Student parking is very limited. However, if they have 3 or more in a carpool they can get a specific sticker and guaranteed carpool parking spot.
  2. The bus is a popular option.  Marin Transit runs several bus routes that end at Redwood:,  While these are public transit buses, they are in reality only taken by Redwood students.  Just $1 (cash) per ride.
  3. Many students bike to school and then lock their bikes up in the bike rack.