WANTED – working sewing machines to borrow 10/14 (or to keep)! Mrs. Sugi-Louie and Ms. Kristal will be running an “Introduction to Sewing” workshop during the PSAT day on Wednesday, October 14th. Juniors and some sophomores will be taking the PSAT, while other students will be going to workshops run by teachers.

They plan to provide a basic introduction to using a sewing machine. And, the students will complete a small sewing project during the workshop session. We need 10 working sewing machines. (Ms. Kristal has always wanted to start a sewing club here at Redwood, so she would be able to put them to good use once the workshop is over if you don’t need it back.) Please let them know if you will be able to help in any way!

Contact Allison Kristal,  akristal@tamdistrict.org