About the PTSA

Our Mission

Every Child. One Voice. Redwood PTSA’s mission is to make every student’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all of our students.

The Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) at Redwood promotes family engagement and community building for all students, parents, and staff through events on campus, parent education, and staff appreciation.  All these programs are made possible through the support of our parents. Please volunteer and donate to PTSA today!  Our PTSA and your donations help to support Redwood by:

  • Coordinating monthly staff appreciation treats
  • Supporting the work of the wonderful Wellness Center
  • Organizing Grad Night for our seniors
  • Managing volunteers for back-to-school initiatives and other activities
  • Providing parent/care-giver education events throughout the school year such as Redwood 101 in the fall and Senior Speaks in the spring;
  • Organizing “Career Conversations” for our students
  • Organizing an end of year BBQ for all of our staff

PTSA membership also helps fund school advocacy on the state and national level.  Our strength is in our numbers, so please become a member and help advocate for better educational outcomes for all students.