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Newsletter, September 11, 2023


Support Redwood High School – Become a PTSA Member for the 2023-24 School Year

Wednesday, September 13, 8:45am, Kreps Room, Redwood campus

For all new, transfer and returning family members, we welcome you to join Principal Payne for an important information session with several staff members and the ASB president.

This event is always a favorite as support staff and administrators are introduced, their roles identified, along with the resources that will best help you to support your student. Departments presenting include Wellness, Athletics, Arts, Attendance and more.

Any new and returning parents and caregivers who have questions about what to expect, what your student may anticipate, and who to reach out to and when, are welcome to attend.

We look forward to seeing you there! Parking information can be found here.


Redwood PTSA Teacher Appreciation

First Gift Raffle is next week! We’d love your support! Click here to sign up to bring a gift and/or get more information.

Show your appreciation and gratitude for RHS teachers and staff by contributing a gift for a raffle at their monthly staff meetings. Gifts can be anything from a gift card (coffee, restaurant, spa, etc.) to an item you think might be appreciated (sports tickets, event tickets, etc.).



Transforming Teen Anxiety into a Superpower with Dr. Tracy Foose
September 12, 7:00-8:30pm (via Zoom)
Register in advance and receive confirmation and Zoom link via email

Sponsored by TUHSD Wellness + Redwood PTSA, Tam PTSA, and AWHS Falcon Foundation

Anxiety evolved to protect us, but nowadays it’s a much-maligned emotion. This mind/body awareness of a potential future threat can feel so overwhelming and uncomfortable, it stops serving as a protective messenger and starts feeling like a menace. In our current mental health climate, it’s even been labeled an epidemic. Misunderstanding this valuable emotion has made us anxious about anxiety itself. Teens… parents… we could all use a reset. Viewing anxiety from an evolutionary perspective helps us admire the human body’s natural response to threat with humor and awe and befriend the wild animal who lives beneath our skin. Anxiety can protect us, energize us, and show us what we hold dear in life. When we help our teens discover anxiety’s purpose, we teach them how to harness its power. Learn more about Dr. Foose here.

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