The RHS Online Directory is Live

Access the Directory Now!

Thanks to combined support from the Redwood High School Foundation and the Redwood PTSA, the Redwood High School Online Directory–featuring contact information for existing and new RHS users–is now available to all parents/guardians and staff.

Online Directory Login


Login Info

Existing users who have a previous password can log in using that password.

New users or those who need to recover a password can do so using the same link.

If you have any issues, please check our FAQ section; if you cannot find an answer to your question or concern, contact us here.

Directory access is also available via the PTSA website.

Please remember to help Redwood High School by donating to the Redwood High School Foundation, joining the Redwood PTSA and supporting our Community Partners.

Redwood Parents Connect – now a part of PTSA!

Redwood Parents Connect (RPC) is a parent-led, community-based program founded in 2016. We have in-person discussion groups organized by class year, both in the mornings and evenings. We discuss and support parents with timely subjects related to the high school years like college planning, teen mental health, drugs & alcohol, parenting, and more. We welcome all Redwood parents to the community! To find out more information please go to or find the link on the Redwood homepage under the parents link.